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The Comfort Of Food

Fries! Fries! Fries!

Who doesn’t love fries?

For every event, we try to bring out the best from every aspect. From capturing the savoury moment when the customers take the first bite of the delicious, hot piping fries, to the earnest interviews that we take, capturing the heart of the event.

When we shot the Martin Zwerts launch, we wanted to highlight the essence of their unique selling point, which is the use of dutch potatoes. Making it the comfort food of many who have visited the Netherlands.

At the same time, we do our best to ensure that we get the best sound bites by early discussions with the owner, so that it best represents his brand.

During the launch, we had a blast working with the team despite the heavy rain, where we had to improvise and ensure the smooth filming of the event.

Zem Productions

Producing this video for Martin Zwerts launch has been such a great experience for us. It was really heartwarming to have seen our end product and to have received such positive feedback from our client.

At ZEM Productions, we pour our heart and soul into our partnership with you. There is no better team in Singapore, to film commercials or corporate video productions with.

We would love to shape your story for you. Let’s produce the best event videography together.


Team ZEM


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