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Connect to the world like never before

Whether it's shooting onsite, creating a physical backdrop, or making it fully virtual with live green screen keying

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Today, we are living in a new norm.

Events may never be the same again.
Zoom and Google Meet conferences have become part of our daily life. Planning a Virtual/Hybrid event has become a lot more elaborate. 

ZEM Productions aims to be the ideal partner in any virtual event you are planning. We aim to produce virtual events that are in-line with your branding and prestige. Be it planning the whole show, coming out with ways to engage the audience, from small details like pre-event waiting screen, Q&A graphics to big details such as the platform the event is being streamed on, we make sure your show is of professional quality because we believe it reflects on your brand identity.

Whether it is a webinar, AGM, open house or corporate presentation, ZEM has got you covered.

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Professionally produced Livestream

Regardless of the type of event, we get things done and we get things to happen professionally. Once we have planned the live stream, we ensure every aspect of the stream is thought through. From timeline, visuals, talent,  production and every other activity.

Event Management

Once we have planned the event concept, we ensure every aspect of the event is thought through and runs smoothly. Perfect execution of the event is key.

Distinct Event Experience

Your branding matters, the details matters. We come up with distinct concepts and designs that are unique for your brand to create interactive, immersive and impressionable experiences. By understanding you, we  convey your branding through visuals to push the event objectives.

Broadcast Package
Professional Multi-camera solution with customisable windows to make your corporate branding stand out.
Youtube/Vimeo (Higher Image and Sound Quality)
Event Director
Roving Camera
Yes (Wireless SDI or LiveU Solo)
On Site Inputs
Off Site Inputs
Up to 7
QnA and Polling
Picture-in-picture window customisation
Graphics Overlay (logo, lower thirds)
Pre Recorded Video Playback
Vimeo Live
Package Price
Customised. Email for more.

Expect no less of our virtual events video production. Our professional videographers, in-house green screen studio, cameras, switchers, and encoders will provide comprehensive coverage for your virtual event, virtual AGMs, virtual townhall, or conference.

Contact us today to discuss how to bring your event to the next level with our hassle-free live streaming setup. 

Green Screen
Green Screen
Green Screen
Green Screen

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Contact us and we'll listen to your event needs, to provide you with the best price for a live streaming service

for your event.