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Your one stop live-streaming & projection service provider

At ZEM Productions, we provide live-streaming services for any and all types of events you have in mind. Be it to a single-channel or multiple-channels live stream, our experienced crew will ensure your event is streamed on all of your channels.

Hybrid Event

Live Stream

Fully Remote

Live Stream


Live Stream

Green Screen

Live Stream

Annual General Meeting Live Stream

School Performance

Live Stream

School Graduation

Live Stream

School Open House

Live Stream

Asset design

Incorporate your brand colours, font, and design into your event. Couple your live stream with exciting background music, or customise your stream look into a Picture in Picture format. Everything from lower thirds, to logos, to slideshows, we'll handle it for you.


Whether it’s a small panel of 2 or a big panel of 8, we got you covered. We have cameras that will ensure each and every event comes with a Wide shot of your entire stage and a Close up shot of each and every speaker. Making sure we never miss anything.


A unique page or link created just for your event, bringing the private and secure to the next level. Giving you an added level of security for your conferences and meeting. Ensuring you have the private and safe space you need for everyone.

Live Streaming


Streaming on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo? We provide streaming services to your favourite platforms. Reach out to your audience all over the world with ZEM Productions! Delivering your show at high bitrates and quality. Your audience will feel like they’re at the event, while in the comfort of their own homes.

Hybrid Remote

Live Streaming

hybrid icon.png

Have a speaker who can’t make it for the physical event? ZEM Productions's got you covered with our Hybrid live-streaming with remote speakers, providing a hassle-free experience for each and every one.

A unique link is all they have to join in to be part of the event just like everyone else without missing anything out.


Live Streaming

private icon.png

For more confidential events, ZEM Productions specialises in a private and secure live streaming platform that can be customised to your branding, your event theme and your needs. We ensure that your event will be encrypted and secure, giving a password for only invited guests to join. Giving you a safe environment.

Green Screen


screen icon.png

With everything being shifted into the virtual world, so is live streaming services. With our in-house 4m x 4m green screen studio, we can bring your stream to any location you want. No more worrying about locations with suitable backgrounds, or somewhere that's safe from the weather.

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