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We pride Ourselves as a small family with a strong sharing culture
Let's hear from our past interns what they have to say about their experience

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Video Recording

Production Intern

"My direct supervisor, Mr Gary Chia, had taught me well regarding the fundamentals before assigning me to handle projects of my own. I can proudly claim that I am well aware regarding the foundations of productions and etched into my mind even 6 months later. Quick advice that I can give to my anyone who may want to pursue it the same field as me, is to have confidence in yourself."

- Siti Umairah, Student of Republic Polytechnic, Diploma in Media Production & Design

"In ZEM, I gained basic knowledge of operating cameras, sound, and lighting equipment, and was introduced to certain production protocols. Zem gives you exposure to every stage of corporate video creation as an intern."
- Dayne Taniajura, Student of Victoria Junior College/NTU Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information

"At ZEM Productions, I learnt about all the basics of video production, making use of the right equipment to handle video shoots, and making creative decisions to make the best videos. I also learnt alot about video editing, where at the same time, I got to handle projects and learnt to work well with clients. Despite having little experience prior to the internship, it was still a welcoming environment which allowed me to discover more about the industry."

- Marcus Leong, Student of Nanyang Junior College

With a lack of work experience, my stint at the company was nurturing and enabled me to learn very fundamental basics of video production with plenty of work and practice on the ground. The only challenging and demanding thing is the schedule of the different shoots and edits we have to make up with.
- Cheng Yu Heng, Darius, Student of NUS Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

Business books

Media Business InterN

"ZEM Productions has enlighhten me that marketing is not just about doing social media post or SWOT analysis, there are many other aspects to marketing like google analytics, procurement strategies, SEO, SEM and many more. In fact, the main thing I learnt is how to approach any problem, with the basic 5W1H, and with that you can handle any project that comes your way. ZEM Production is definitely a place to learn and develop when you have no prior background."

- Sean Quek, Student of Anderson Junior College/NTU Nanyang Business School (NBS)

"When I joined ZEM Productions, I was greeted with an accomodating learning environment, with the platform to experiment, fail, and learn. Being exposed to tender briefings, writing up proposals, and even production elements such as camera work and editing - these are all valuable lessons that I will keep close to my heart for a long time to come."

- Phinehas See, Student of Temasek Polytechnic, Diploma in Marketing

"As an Intern turned Full-Timer, I would like to share about the other culture here on top of the exposure gained here. It's the small things that count. The family-like culture here is what keeps the motivation going. Being able to share your experiences with one another. Be open-minded and willing to learn. When the going gets tough, the tough get going."

- Lynn Koh, Student of RP/SIM RMIT (Business Marketing)

Internship Details

ZEM Productions specializes in filming corporate or commercial videos and we are looking for someone to join our team. We do things like commercials for social media and TV, branding stories to live shows. The openings we have are the Media Business Intern and Production Intern.


Things you will learn during the internship as a Media Business Intern:

  • B2B Marketing

  • Production Planning

  • Live-Show Producing

  • Procurement Strategies

Things you will learn during the internship as a Production Intern:

  • Photography & Videography

  • Camera Operations

  • Cinematic Lighting

  • Audio Capture Techniques

  • Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects

  • Live-show producing

  • Storyboard creation 


So as long as you feel like a team player, that’s all we need. Everything else, training is provided.


If you are keen to be part of the team, email your resume to 

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