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With over 10 working years of experience in commercial & corporate productions in Singapore, ZEM Productions focuses on creating the best moving visuals that wholly bring out stories and messages of the content. Be it raising brand awareness, or promoting new services, ZEM Productions will fulfil your brand needs in the most engaging and exciting ways possible.


The Man Behind The Scene

ZEM Productions, led by Gary Chia (Licentiate, Master Photographers Association) – with over 10 years of professional experience in photography and film making in Singapore, ZEM Productions covers a wide array of photography and video production services.

Gary believes in adding value to every organization he works with. Every step in the making of your videos and photos is carefully carried out. From the pre-production phase of conceptualizing, storytelling and shoot requirements to the post-production editing process, he places every clients' needs as his primary priority. 

Regardless of creating content for a promotional marketing campaign, a special wedding event, or a company’s latest commercial, ZEM Productions is dedicated to bringing your vision to life and will produce the highest quality video content and photos that will exceed your expectations.

Shot of Singapore National Stadium
Chye Lye Fish Head Curry

Our History

Gary started ZEM Productions as a subsidiary of Zonzon Productions 3 years ago. Zonzon Productions was another company led by Gary providing photography and videography services in the wedding scene. Zonzon Productions' work was being featured in Blissful Brides magazine, HerWorld Brides magazine, and also won the Dennis Hylander Award (An international Photography Competition organized by The Master Photographers Association UK).

Before long, opportunities came following and it opened entry to commercials and corporate assignments dealing in productions and content creation. It was a huge start for Gary and the birth of ZEM P
roductions. Crossing different aspects of still and motion images, ZEM Productions have benefited greatly from our vast background and spectrum of assignments from Zonzon Productions. We were able to apply the various techniques picked up from the different projects. Whether it is weddings, events, or commercials, our undying passion for photography and videography ensures that we deliver our best.

With our breakthrough in the wedding scene, we are honored to gain an entry into the commercial and corporate scenes. For media productions, we are your one-stop hub, ranging from Content Creation, Corporate videos, Commercials, Social Media videos, Events, Real Estate videos, and Broadcasts videography. We continue to explore new frontiers and embark on new and exciting projects every day.

Our Goals & Our Aspiration

As Media Content Producers, ZEM Productions envisions ourselves integrating more creative ideas into storytelling for brands in Singapore and bringing life to their products. We feel proud when we see our client's success and hence we wish to deliver more promising commercials for brands using talent engagement in media production.

Traditionally, brands advertised on broadcast and cable TV, but have transitioned more and more to digital video ads. Witnessing more brands leveraging on modern channels as their mode of delivery. Gary believes that digital video content is the future of advertising that will be able to substantially pique the interest of users. He is exploring setting up a production channel on YouTube to elevate his production services for more corporate brands in Singapore in the near future.

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