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Corporate Shows

Business Featurette


Connect to the world like never before whether it's shooting onsite,

creating a physical backdrop, or making it fully virtual with live green screen keying

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Whether you are organising a Virtual Conference, Trade show, Seminar, Networking Event or Company Energiser, we at ZEM Productions understand the need and importance to engage your staff, clients and delegates in the virtual world. ZEM Productions makes sure your show runs smoothly and is engaging. We provide the full suite equipment that includes an in-house green screen studio for a dynamic look for your show

Professionally produced Livestream

Regardless of the type of event, we get things done and we get things to happen professionally. Once we have planned the live stream, we ensure every aspect of the stream is thought through. From timeline, visuals, talent,  production and every other activity.

Event Management

Regardless of the type of event, we get things done and we get things to happen. Once we have planned the event concept, we ensure every aspect of the event is thought through. From talent, visuals, production and every other activity.

Distinct Event Experience

Your branding matters, the details matters. We come up with distinct concepts and designs that are based on your brand to create interactive, immersive and impressionable experiences. By understanding of you, we can  convey your branding with into visuals and push the event objectives.

Check out our past live streaming services.

Contact us and we'll listen to your event needs, to provide you with the best price for a live streaming service for your event.

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