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Building personal relationships with audience at scale

Hosting a professional seminar, from setting up a registration website to hosting in our in-house studio.

Now with the pandemic, many organizations are moving in-person events and sales meetings into a Virtual environment.


Webinars give you the chance to build a more personal relationship with your audience at scale. We assist you with the nitty gritty and technical aspects of hosting a professional seminar, from setting a registration website to even hosting it in our in house studio


Sorting out your webinar participants into breakout rooms seamlessly. Organising workshops, open mic events or even a 1-1 counselling session through these breakout rooms.


Seize the opportunities provided by secured servers to reach to a wider range of audience. Holding up to 1000 attendees on Zoom and having multiple events at the same time. Engage with your attendees with real-time engagement tool such as the live chat, Q&A and live polls.


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Track performance statistics in real time. Learn more about your audience through detailed reports, identifying engagement levels and participation trends to gain deeper insights.

Check out our past live streaming services.

Contact us and we'll listen to your event needs, to provide you with the best price for a live streaming service for your event.

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