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Video Production

Hosting an Interactive and Immersive Virtual event

Whether it's shooting onsite, creating a physical backdrop, or making it fully virtual with live green screen keying


We provide a variety of services so that your event is both interactive and immersive. A stage conference with a multi-camera set up, a presenter in our in-house green screen studio along with pre-recorded and edited videos, can all be presented seamlessly by ZEM Productions to give your event the professional look


Ensuring timely and efficient processing of all necessary information to the talent. Finding and recruiting the right talent for your project. From booking talent, managing calendars, and overseeing events and projects from start to finish, we are here to handle it all.


Sound, lighting, real-time videos and other audio and visual tools will be managed by professionals to ensure the event run smoothly. From the event storyboard to the guest registration, we will maintain a seamless flow.

event design

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Every event is unique. Every brand is unique. We will come up with concepts and designs that are specific to your brand to create interactive, immersive and impressionable experiences. By understanding you, we can convey your branding effectively through exciting visuals to achieve the event objectives.

Check out our past live streams.

Contact us and we'll listen to your event needs, to provide you with the best price for a live streaming service for your event.

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