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#TryNotToCry Challenge

Mums. We all complain about them. Invading our privacy, treating us like criminals when we come back late – we can never seem to grow up in front of them. They never fail to “astonish” us with their amazing sixth sense, their unique way of interpreting things and their superhuman strength to do all that they do.

With these thoughts in mind, we filmed this commercial for Lion Dance Brand Meatballs, in the heartlands of Singapore. We hope that this video strikes a chord in you, like it did in us.

Concept of This Video

In the video, we slowly see the son’s transition to adulthood, where one day, he finally starts to notice her greying hair and the creases in her face. So do cherish her, as time really does slip pass us.

ZEM Productions

At ZEM Productions, we pour our heart and soul into our partnership with you. There is no better team in Singapore, to film commercials or corporate video productions with.

We would love to shape your story for you. My team and I will thoroughly wash our hands first, then work hand in hand with you, to achieve the vision you have to life.

Reach out to us today, and let’s create the best commercial videography in Singapore together.


Team ZEM


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