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Onward and Upward!

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the masks of our captains, whenever you step onto a bus?

Well, wonder no further, because here is an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse of our bus captains, engineers and mechanics from Go-Ahead Singapore!

A world where every journey is taken care of

For an island nation, we boast an impressive transportation network. With convenience and inter-connectivity being at the core of our transportation services, Go-Ahead Singapore stands at the forefront of this pursuit.

Concept of this Video

Direct, forward, and honest – we filmed this corporate video for Go-Ahead Singapore, featuring the benefits of ITM. We had interviews with experienced employees of the company, interlaced with B-rolls and a soothing background music – this video had been a delight for us to work on.

ZEM Productions

At ZEM Productions, we pour our heart and soul into our partnership with you. Just like how Go-Ahead strives to take care of every journey, so too does ZEM strives to take care of your every needs. There is no better team in Singapore, to film commercials or corporate video productions with.

We would love to shape your story for you. Tap into our site, you’d find it to be EZ, and link up with us. Let’s create the best corporate video in Singapore together.


Team ZEM


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