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Quirky Local Commercials

Kapodo was the product of love and passion for our Creative Director, Gary. Growing up, Gary had been captivated by anime and the Japanese culture as a whole.

A fan of the heritage, the people, and the language, our team was extremely excited to have had the opportunity to work with KA Singapore.

Concept of this Video

For this new entrant in the Laundry Capsule market, we envisioned a captivating and engaging commercial video for Kapodo. A lonesome man in a laundromat, a laundry capsule against the backdrop of spinning laundry machines. Our idea was simple but clear — a straightforward, humorous infomercial for Kapodo.

With Kapodo, you can say goodbye to messy spillage and troublesome manual measurement of laundry. Combining cleaning, antibacterial and deodorising power, KA’s 3in1 water-soluble laundry capsule is all you need for softer, cleaner and fresher-smelling laundry.

ZEM Productions

At ZEM Productions, we pour our heart and soul into our partnership with you. Just like how multifunctional Kapodo is, our team is able to adapt to your every needs too. There is no better team in Singapore, to film commercials or corporate video productions with.

We would love to shape your story for you. Don your mask, sanitise your hands, then reach out to us today, and let’s create the best commercial video in Singapore together.


Team ZEM


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