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The Allure of Food, The Magic of Life

As part of ZEM Productions’ ongoing partnership with YY Circle, we recently produced 2 more videos for YY Food and YY Rider.

YY Circle: The Magic of Life

“With people at the heart of our circle, we create the magic of life”. Following our previous instalment, we are excited to share with you the new projects we have partnered with YY Circle!

YY Food

YY Food was a very fun shoot for us - we had a great experience working with the talents, and the concept of the shoot was an easy-going and humorous one. We prioritised conveying across one central message for this video: going the distance. Introducing YY Food - the new Food Delivery platform on the market. With YY Food, you can order food from anywhere on our sunny island, and get it delivered straight to your doorstep!! 🍝🍜🍛

YY Rider

With YY Rider, we created a suspenseful climate - keeping you, as a viewer, on the edge. How is the son earning so much? Where did he get the money to buy the latest yPhone?!